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Public Sector Award

Nominations in this category are open to any individuals who have a leadership role at whatever level of responsibility within any Public Sector organisation in Wales (e.g. Local Authorities, Schools, NHS, Colleges of FE, Higher Education, Public Bodies etc)

Sponsored by Academi Wales

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At Academi Wales we are committed to building strong leadership through world-class learning opportunities. We strive to promote and enhance leadership qualities across the Welsh Public Service.

Voluntary Sector Award

This category is open to individuals who either are employed by a Charity in Wales or are volunteers in Wales (aligned to any sector) and who have a leadership role. (Volunteering includes roles such as volunteering for a professional body, on a board of trustees, school governor etc).

Sponsored by Fairwood Trust

The Fairwood Trust is about helping individuals often those who are at most need develop their talents, enabling them to gain employment, start a business or enter education through college or university.

Businesses with 50 or less employees Award

This category is open to individuals in the Private Sector who have a leadership role at whatever level in that business. It is about the leadership skills that link with those of the entrepreneurial skills to drive forward the ideas and really make them happen to impact on that business’s bottom line. Nominators need to ensure that they provide evidence of leadership (not entrepreurship!)

Sponsored by FSB Wales

FSB Wales is driven by the issues that matter to our 10,000 members in Wales. We address their concerns and solve their problems through close consultation with the decision-makers who shape the business landscape. If it matters to our members, we take it to the heart of government and work to create positive change.

Leadership from Mature Entrepreneurs

This category is open to those who are aged 50 and over who have a leadership role, at whatever level, in a business enterprise in Wales.

Sponsored by PRIME Cymru

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PRIME Cymru (The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise in Wales) is delighted to support the leadership from mature entrepreneurs category because it is so important that we recognise the great skills and experience older entrepreneurs possess and the contribution they make to the economy of Wales.

Social Enterprise Category Award

This category is open to individuals working within a Social Enterprise that have a leadership role at whatever level. Social Enterprises are businesses trading for social and environmental purposes. Social Enterprises are distinctive because their social and / or environmental purpose is absolutely central to what they do – their profits are reinvested to sustain and further their mission for positive change.

sponsored by Social Firms Wales and The Wales Co-operative Centre

social firms

wales cooperative

Social Firms Wales is the National Support Agency for Social Firm Development. It works alongside Social Firms UK. It is committed to the creation of employment opportunities for disadvantaged people through the development and support of Social Firms in Wales.

The Wales Co-Operative Centre is a co-operative development agency working across Wales to promote social, financial and digital inclusion through a range of projects.

Young Leader Award

This category is open to young people between 14 and 25 years who have a leadership role in any walk of life – business, in Public Services, in the community, in schools, colleges or Higher Education.

sponsored by Bridgend College

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Team Leader Award

This category is open to team leaders in every sector (Public, Private, Voluntary or Social Enterprise). For the purposes of this award, nominators should regard a “team” as any self-contained group within a company or organisation or community group.

supported by Chwarae Teg Agile Nation

agile nation

Chwarae Teg promotes the economic development of women in Wales, working with Government, employers and individuals to help create an environment where women can achieve their potential. Chwarae Teg’s Agile Nation programme, funded by the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government, currently supports over 2,200 women across Wales, helping them to gain the skills to further their career.

Women in Leadership

This category is open to women in leadership in every sector (Public, Private, Voluntary or Social Enterprise) and at whatever level of responsibility in the organisation or business.

Sponsored by Moneypenny

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The LEADING WALES Awards 2013

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