2009 Award Finalists

FINALIST: Voluntary and not for profit organisations.

Hugh Morgan OBE, Chairman, Autism Cymru.
  hugh morgan
Autism Cymru is Wales’ national charity for autism

Hugh set up Autism Cymru in 2001 and since then has been instrumental in transforming autism care in Wales and beyond.

Hugh’s aim for Autism Cymru is to improve the lives of people with autism in Wales. Since he set up the charity in 2001 it has provided practical support through training to more than 6,000 practitioners and parents in the field of Autism, pioneered the creation of a Chair in Autism Research in Cardiff University and worked with the Welsh Emergency services to create an Autism Attention Card. The charity also works closely with Local Education Authorities to create autism-friendly schools.

Hugh’s crowning achievement is the realisation of a national strategy for autism. Hugh tirelessly campaigned to persuade the Welsh Assembly Government to develop the world’s first national strategy for autism, a programme which would help a person with autism from the moment they were diagnosed to later life.

Not only has this strategy had a transformative effect on autism care in Wales, as the first of its kind in the world, it has set Wales on a global platform in the field. Hugh hasn’t stopped at Wales, and has set up the Celtic Autism Alliance in partnership with Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland to share resources and knowledge. He was awarded an OBE in 2007 in recognition of his efforts.

Hugh is now seconded on a part-time basis to the Welsh Assembly Government to implement the national autism strategy and ensure its success. However he hasn’t stopped his work for Autism Cymru, and continues to develop partnerships and support from every avenue to ensure the charity can continue to keep autism on the agenda in Wales.